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Polyurethane Foam Coating

A Polyurea type foam coating is a long-term solution which offers durability over other coating systems. It offers a seamless airtight membrane in a one-pass application. 


Polyurea coating cures faster than other coating methods, can be installed in moist environments in 60% to 70% less time than other methods.


Other benefits of using Polyurea coating are that there are no volatile fumes and it is environmentally safe.

Benefits of Polyurea

benefits of pol.PNG

Polyurea Coating Green foam offers a variety of Polyurea coatings and other specialized primers, epoxies, silicones, and urethanes. These coatings can be tailored to your specific needs and can be developed in a number of colors, formulations, and physical properties.

Silver Lining Membrane

 Professionally applied by certified foam technicians

 Complete roof restoration

 10, 15, & 20 year warranty

  Seamless self-adherent coating


  Waterproofing and durability to withstand the elements​

High-Performance Polymers

If you need a surface that can be driven on by heavy equipment or a welding surface that you want to keep clean, Green Foam's Polyaspartics are the most advanced coating for you.


Our Polyureas are the highest selling polymer. When it comes to high abrasion applications, our 700 Series polyureas are the best value to the performance we offer.​


When it comes time to rehabilitate your broken-down concrete, give it that extra stick by using the right primer for the job.


When a company that doesn't wish to be disclosed looked to resolve a problem with paint chips falling from the underside of the metal roof panel, which was a serious contamination issue, they chose to encapsulate the entire underside of the roof deck using our Pure Polyurea.

In addition, they required roof areas to be repaired and waterproofed. We provided them with our Spray-on-Polyurethane Foam Roofing System, which included a protective layer of Silicone Elastomeric coating topcoat.

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