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Polyurethane Coatings - Silver Lining Membrane

Green Foam Insulation & Coating offers a Silver Lining Membrane which is sprayed onto roofs to seal out the elements including rain, heat from the sun, and any insects or rodents.


  • Fast reactivity and curing

  • No removal or re-do's

  • No volatile fumes

  • Long-term sustainability in diverse environments

  • Provides waterproofing and durability to withstand the elements

  • 10, 15 and 20-year warranties available

Spill Protection - Polyutea Containment

Our Polyurea formulations will tackle the toughest spill protection. Along with the Oil and Gas industries, there is a diverse need to meet the increasing toll on the environment with spill protection to our aquifers. We see this in many Agricultural, Transportation, Industrial, and Government Agencies. State and Federal guidelines have dictated strict compliance regarding spill clean-up measures and requirements and the assurance of chemical site liners as the first line of defense against spills.




Government Sites



  • Environmentally friendly

  • Chemical and abrasion resistance

  • Seamless

  • Fast reactivity and cure

  • Reduced time involving installation

  • Able to be applied to diverse substrates 

  • Economically installed in varied climatic conditions

  • 100% solids and zero VOCs

  • Warranties available

  • USDA accepted and ANSI NSF-61 approved

  • Protection from outside elements and associated trade traffic

Spill Containment

  • Storage tank farms

  • Fuel storage farms

  • Fuel delivery spill prevention area

  • Potable water and wastewater facilities

  • Agricultural farms - Fertilizer containment

  • Isolation ponds

  • Chemical washdown sites

  • Bulk chemical packaging

  • Battery storage

DuraCoat Stair Coating System

Does your concrete need repair? Your broken-down concrete can be repaired with the right primer. Our DuraCoat concrete coating and patch system works wonders on restoring your cracked, crumbling, concrete stairs.

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