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Spray Foam Insulation

Strong bond and Healthy Alternative to Fiberglass

Green Foam Insulation Bahamas provides a wide variety of expandable polyurethane spray foam insulation services for many uses.


Foams can be broken down in two ways, depending on what chemical is used to make the foam expand. 


Water Blown Foam uses water vapor to provide the expanding function.


Gas Blown Foam uses a gas made in the chemical reaction between the A & B components to provide the lift.


Foam can also be broken down between open-cell and closed-cell foam.


Open-cell foam has open gas cells and is usually a very light foam with a large amount of expansion. It is very useful for sound deadening and insulation in interior walls. It does not provide a vapor barrier and is not recommended where moisture is an issue. Our 0.5-pound foam is an open-cell product. The 0.5-pound rating relates to the density of the foam in pounds/cubic feet.


Closed-cell foam has sealed cells that provide a vapor barrier and will absorb very little water. These foams are more rigid and provide a higher “R” value per inch of thickness. The most common spray foam insulation we make in this category is our two-pound product. It produces an “R” value of seven per inch of thickness. It is an excellent foam for residential and industrial insulation.

We also produce a three-pound foam used for roofing in conjunction with a polyurea cover coat. This produces a very durable, long-lasting roof that can be applied over many different substrates.


A rapidly growing segment of our business is concrete jacking foam. This 2.5-pound product provides precise, controllable lifting and leveling of concrete in residential, municipal, and industrial applications.


Other foam solutions can be provided for your specific needs.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Green Foam Insulation Bahamas polyurethane foam formula is made from eco-friendly renewable energy sources such as beets and corn. The liquid polyurethane, which is sprayed onto surfaces and into cracks, expands immediately to form an airtight barrier. It can be used in residential and commercial applications. It's free of toxic air contaminants and it's safe for the environment. 

Reduce your energy cost

Stop outside air from contaminating your household

Reduce your carbon footprint

Depending on the density of the polyurethane foam used, spray foam insulation allows for air-tight barrier, moisture control, sound deadening, and improves the stability of your structure.

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